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July 6, 2011

Transpac July 5

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July 5 1915 hours
Position Report 33-42 N, 119-57 W
14 nm south of Santa Rosa Island,
83 nm west of starting line (near Pt. Fermin)
2,120 nm to go

We’re off! We had a great start yesterday for the 46th Biennial 2011 Transpacific Yacht Race to Honolulu. We had more than a dozen family and friends come down to the dock at Rainbow Harbor, Long Beach to wish us a bon voyage. And many of them went out on a spectator boat to see the start. Our bagpiper (yes, Traveler has an official bagpiper) Andy Scott, in his kilt, piped “Traveler The Brave” as we departed, and he joined us on Traveler as we worked our way out to the starting line. The Race Committee Boat, a couple of dozen spectator boats and about 25 other race boats got to see and hear the bagpipes playing on Traveler just before the start. We off-loaded Andy onto a spectator boat about a half hour before the start.

A few other highlights the first day:

** At midnight on a moonless night we got stuck in the mother of all kelp paddies, about the size of Collins Island. It took an hour to get free, and Ric had to dive in, with a filet knife in his teeth, to cut kelp from the prop shaft early the next morning. This was not good, but now we have a half-decent excuse for being in 6th place (out of 8 boats in our class.)

** Lots of dolphins on our bow, and they swam with us playfully for a half hour or so. For centuries sailors have claimed this as a sign of good luck. We need it to catch up with the leading boat in our class.

** Fine dining aboard Traveler. Muy delicioso Tacos de Cuatro de Julio for dinner, and then bacon, eggs, potatoes and coffee for breakfast. For dinner tonight we had grilled Sabastino’s sausage, penne pasta, avocado salad, paired with a pinot noir, and fruit salad for dessert. Buon appetito!

** The fireworks show on Traveler! Crew member Jim Borgman brought eight HUGE! spectacular aerial display fireworks, which we launched off the stern about 8 miles west of the west end of Catalina at 2200 hours. After all, it is the Fourth of July!

** We solved an electrical problem. It was a lose connection on the power cable from the solar panels and wind generator to the batteries, so we are now able to keep up with the power we draw.

Fair winds and following seas,
Barbara, Dave, Jim, Ric, Eric, Larry

July 5, 2011

Traveler starts 2011 Transpac Race - LA to Honolulu

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Traveler send off for Transpac 2011 Traveler on the starting line. Transpac 2011 Traveler off Pt Fermin and on her way. Transpac 2011


On July 4, 2011, Traveler, along with 19 other boats, started the 2011 Transpac Yacht Race from Los Angeles to Honolulu. Another 34 (faster) boats start on July 8.

The seven-person crew includes:
Michael Lawler, Barbara Burdick, David Lee, Jim Borgman, Larry Wilson, Ric Sanders, Eric Flanders

The following links provide updated race information:

Voyage of Traveler blog:

Adventure Tracking interactive map - follow the race in near real-time:

Official Transpac Race 2011 website and blog:

Official Transpac Facebook site

April 14, 2011

Traveler before the start of The Border Run April 9-10, 2011

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Here is a short video of Traveler and crew, with bagpiper, motoring out of Newport Harbor for the start of The Border Run Yacht Race from Newport Beach to San Diego. If you turn the volume up all the way on your computer speakers you can hear the bagpipe playing, even though the cameraman (Jim Palmer-Thanks!) was a quarter mile away on the bluff top above Big Corona Beach.

We started on Saturday April 9 at noon and finished Sunday morning off Point Loma at 3:07 am. We got Fourth Place in our class (Cruising D) out of 12 boats entered. All together, there were 230 boats entered, more than the Newport To Ensenada Race has nowadays, which is coming up this next weekend.

Special thanks to my capable and fun crew: Barbara Burdick, Tim Richley, Dave Lee, Jim Borgman, Erik Higbie, and of course the Official Traveler Bagpiper Andy Scott.


January 6, 2011

Michael Lawler to be guest speaker at the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum

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Michael Lawler will present The Voyage of Traveler: A Three-Year Circumnavigation in three parts at the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum as part of the Waterman Lecture Series as follows:

Tues. January 13th
Year 1: Preparation, 2007 Transpac, Hawaiian Islands and French Polynesia’s Society Islands

Thur. January 27th
Year 2: South Pacific, Australia, SE Asia, Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea and Eastern Mediterranean

Thur. February 10th
Western Mediterranean, Morocco, Crossing the Atlantic, Caribbean, Panama Canal, West Coast of Central America and Mexico

For more information, visit:

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