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May 10, 2010

Gulf of Tehuanapec, Mexico: Traveler’s Laptop Out of Service - no blog or emails updates

Hi Jim,
Just got a call from M. His easy motor through the Gulf of Tehuanapec turned into one horrendous night of huge seas breaking on the boat non-stop and throwing her on her side all night long. Winds were 30, which M said was no big deal, just the size of the waves. This gulf is known for its conditions, as the winds build across Texas and Mexico and then funnel through a split  in the mountains. Seas build within minutes. Many boats have been lost in this crossing.
The reason I am writing to you is that the laptop took a dive off the nav desk. The net book has a virus. So, he is without communication except via Iridium phone.
If you can forward this email to everyone to not expect communication through sail or email, thanks.
See you at the 66.

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