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July 10, 2011

July 10 Position Report

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July 10 Position Report
28-30 N, 133-21 W
Course over ground: 225 to 230 M
Speed over ground: 8 to 8.5 knots
117 nm south of the rhumbline

We are still in fifth place in the Aloha Class, but in a favored position on the course relative to the other boats. I say favored because we are further south than most of the other boats and have slightly more breeze. And in the next two days the forecast is for much less wind on the north side of the course. Yesterday we set a new boat record of 194 nautical miles in a 24 hr period, breaking our record of 192 set just the day before, so we are flying. Gracie, the boat in 4th place in our class, is just 10 miles closer than us to Honolulu, but much father north on the course, so we hope to pass him in the next day or two as the wind lightens up there. Occasionally we will hit 9 knots plus, thanks to a push from the waves, which are more behind us now as we enter the trade winds. The boat speed record so far this race is 10.8 knots set by Ric Sanders, but five of us are in the “Ten Club.”

One boat in our class, Peregrine 38 (a Catalina 38) retired due to a failure with their fresh water system (I believe that means their water maker stopped working.) A few other Transpac boats (not in our class) have dropped out. Double Trouble (rudder failure), Narrow Escape (steering issues), and Bodacious (injured crew, just arrive back to CA). Also, Bebe lost their steering, went to the emergency tiller for several hours while making repairs underway, and are now sailing with a repaired steering system. Celerity ran over a large fishing net with floats and it took a while to dive and cut it away.

We had a few problems ourselves on Traveler. We lost our spinnaker overboard when the halyard chafed through, after just four hours! We were able to get the kite back on the boat (very heavy when wet and while still sailing with our main, causing drag) and repacked it, while our multi-talented crew member David Lee went up in a harness to the top of the mast (in about 20 knots of wind and 6 to 8 ft waves) to rig the spare spinnaker halyard. Two days ago, in very bumpy confused seas, crew member Eric Flanders got sea sick for about 12 hours, but he is feeling great now and able to stand his watch again. We are eating well. Barbara made an excellent beef stroganoff for dinner. Fish report: Larry Wilson caught and released a 4 pound Bonita, and three other fish were able to shake the lure before we could even see what they were. We have all been craving fresh Mahi Mahi, but had to settle for a can of sardines added to the salad tonight.

Oh, by the way, our water maker is working great. It makes 13 gallons per hour, enough for us to splurge and take showers, with nice hot water, too. Such luxuries, while racing on Transpac. Pass the Merlot, please.



  1. Pat gave us your website info and we all checked in on you together… she was having trouble getting info on her computer so the kids promised to give her daily updates… looking forward to see if you move into 4th….

    Comment by stephanie larson — July 11, 2011 @ 9:33 am

  2. Hi Travelers!! Great that the situation has improved for you so much! now your tiny red icon on the Transpac map is cookin!! and you look very respectable!!glad to hear that you are eating well and being resourcful in your challenging repairs!! I hope the winds blow strong southward! it is fun to read of the voyage from the comforts of home!!

    Comment by melissa mcleod — July 11, 2011 @ 12:30 pm

  3. I’m so enjoying the blog and keeping up with your progress on the map. Sounds like everything is going well. Good luck and hope you get some mahi mahi.

    Comment by Louise Losson — July 11, 2011 @ 5:58 pm

  4. You guys look like you’re in the middle of the pack surrounded by the other boats… this is the highest concentaration of boats since take off! can you see anyone else??
    Michael thought you’d like to know that DaddyO aka Newport Mike is getting his daily upfdates via Boots, who is following this site! WAJ! ( Hi Boots!!)

    Comment by melissa mcleod — July 13, 2011 @ 3:54 am

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