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July 26, 2011

Traveler’s write up in Transpac 2011 July 25 eNews Update

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Nice write up about Michael & Barbara’s engagement aboard Traveler. It looks like the 2011 Transpac was the setting for three couples to get engaged and a “hotbed of romance”. Read the full article at:

Here is the excerpt:

And Michael Lawler’s Traveler is unabashedly a cruiser, a round-the-world veteran at that. This is one 47-footer that could not have been a fit in any class other than the Aloha Division. So, what defines a cruiser? Well, Bo Wheeler is the Honolulu Committee Chair of Transpac 2011, and Traveler crewman Ric Sanders reports, “When Bo came to the dock to greet us, we handed him a mai tai.”

Written by Kimball Livingston

Traveler got our attention as of their halfway party, when skipper Michael made a move on his longtime squeeze, Barbara Burdick, and proposed marriage. And slipped this little “ring” onto her finger. These two met on the docks at Hawaii Yacht Club after the 2005 Transpac and circumnavigated on Traveler after the 2007 Transpac, so it’s not as though this was a snap decision. And by pure serendipity, the hose clamp was a perfect fit. With just a little screwdriver adjustment. Transpac 2011, it seems was quite the hotbed of romance.

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