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July 27, 2011

July 26 Position Report - Oahu en route to Kauai

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July 26 Position Report
Noon Local Time
A little more than half way between Honolulu and Hanalei Bay, Kauai

On Board:
Michael, Brian, Erik Higbie, Brian’s girlfriend Natalie, Brandon Evans and his girlfriend Ashley

We departed the Hawaii YC early this morning at midnight in light wind. It is still light, and we are still motoring but also have a full main and jib. We just saw a huge green sea turtle swimming near the boat, a long way from land.

Barbara flew back to LAX yesterday (and I miss her much already) because it is unlikely Traveler will return to Newport Beach in time for her to start her new school year, which begins in mid-August. We hope to be back around August 18, but maybe a couple of days after that. Brandon and Ashley will fly home to Toronto from Kauai.

On one of our last days following the Transpac, we all went to a flea market at the Aloha Stadium. I bought as couple of bags of kava and a ukelele. I learned one easy song, played it for Barbara on our last morning together for awhile. Brian, a gifted guitarist, is now playing it for the crew in the cockpit.

We plan on anchoring in Hanalei Bay for two nights. We may try to stop at Niihau, the “Forbidden Island” on the way from Kauai to Newport Beach, if we can get permission from the Robinson Family, owners of the island. They rarely give permission to visitors. About 150 full-blooded native Hawaiians live on Niihau, and speak only Hawaiian. There are no roads or cars, no electricity, no water system–and they live like traditional Hawaiians. Well, almost. There is a once-a-week barge that brings food, water (very little rain fall) and supplies.

If we do not get permission to go ashore on Niihau, we may still visit the tiny crater island of Lehua, just a quarter mile off the northern point of Niihau. Lehua is very similar to Molokini (off Lahaina, Maui) and has, they say, the best diving of anywhere in the Hawaiian Islands.

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