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May 6, 2009

Remember to unplug . . .lessons learned from Traveler

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Hi All, bb here, taking a break after 1 1/2 days of non-stop work–drying out the boat. We were headed to Port Suez and as the winds built to 35 kts, we chose a place we could get to to spend the night and let the winds subside. We beat into the steep, close seas and were ready for the 12 hour beating we were going to take. We didn’t make it as we were shipping in water that didn’t drain. Water over the floor boards and the wallowing . . . we turned and headed back to a reef that we had seen dive boats in the lee of. We pulled up a floating rope (no buoys here) after putting our nose almost on to the reef to grab it. It’s just how it is done here . . .they put into the reef a SS eye, and float a short rope off of it. We bailed, bailed and finally got things under control. It was a work glove that had fallen into the chain locker and plugged the drain on one side and gunk got into the other. It all backed up from there. Even with a warning from a boat father north than us that had the same thing happen to them, we thought our drains were clear, having checked them a few months ago. . .
Check your drains periodically, but especially before going to weather  . .
Hugs, and time to get back to drying things out.

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