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August 28, 2009

Traveler Postcard from St. Tropez

25 August 2009

Bon Jour, Everyone,

I have onboard Traveler now my daughter, Kellie–but just for another week, and my son, Brian, and his friend Jake Kalwitz.  We motor-sailed from Nice to Antibes, then over to St. Tropez and then on down to Iles de Port-Cros, and are now sailing across the Golfe du Lion, headed for Barcelona.

In Antibes we saw the Pablo Picasso Museum.  Kellie, with her recent degree in Art History from the University of Oregon, really enjoyed the paintings and sculptures, while I followed her around and really enjoyed the air conditioning.  The museum is located in this really cool castle that used to be the residence of the Grimaldi royal family (they moved to Monaco a hundred years or so ago). So many mega yachts in the Antibes harbor, wow!  We saw a 80 meter yacht owned by the Saudi royal family that was just ridiculous.  The kids talked with two of the 30 crew on that private “ship” for a half hour, trying to get an invitation onboard, but no way.  The kids then went out to a night club and stayed out dancing until the wee hours, while I got a good night sleep while at anchor in the bay.

In St. Tropez, we anchored just outside the harbor that was packed with even more mega yachts.  Really, the nicest yacht in Newport Beach would just be lost in this crowd of incredibly huge, gorgeous and very well-maintained yachts, all with professional crew, looking sharp in their matching uniforms. We went ashore, had a walk around, bought some gelato, and played bocci ball in the park with the local men.  Brian and Jake got into a fancy night club, Pappas, and got a good look at the fast lane of St. Tropez, staying out until five.

Next we stopped for the night at Iles de Port-Cros, a National Park of France.  It is a lot like Catalina, but more wooded, and still green this late in the summer.  Lots of cruising yachts and day-trippers coming over from Toulon via ferry.  Fun hiking trails, kayaking and snorkeling. We considered staying a second night, but the wind was blowing nicely out of the east (which is very rare.)  The weather report was forecasting strong westerly winds in a couple of days, so we raised the anchor and are now sailing west, down wind, at 6.5 knots, for Barcelona, Spain.

Hasta luego,


  1. A bit surprised it seems to simple and yet usfeul.

    Comment by Amelia — August 12, 2011 @ 9:19 am

  2. I bow down humbly in the pesrncee of such greatness.

    Comment by Kelli — August 13, 2011 @ 7:27 am

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    Comment by bqoprei — August 15, 2011 @ 7:45 am

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