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August 31, 2009

Traveler Postcard From Barcelona

Having a great time in Barcelona.  Wish you were here. (Especially Barbara.)

Kellie, Brian and Brian’s friend Jake are partying until dawn every night here in Barcelona.  Brian got rolled by six of B-town’s finest transvestites, with their hands all over him, grabbing his package (yes, it was very late and alcohol was a factor.) He did not realize that one of them was picking his pocket and they were all working together as a “team of distraction.”  One of the queens got 30 Euros cash out of Brian’s front pants pocket, but that’s all.  Could have been much worse, if he had a wallet with his ID or his passport.  They hit Jake too, but only got a pack of gum out of the front pocket of his Levis.  He held onto his wallet with both hands as the pack of “he-shes” were grabbing him.  “Ohhh, c’mon sailor boy, I want to love you long time.”  Brian and Jake were laughing about it when they got back to the boat, at 0600.

With the kids sleeping in until the crack of noon, I have a chance to ride one of our folding bikes around and see the town, at my own pace.  This morning rode the beach boardwalk, saw the Cathedral, Old Town, and the University of Barcelona (where my other son, Scott, will be going this coming spring semester for his study abroad.)

This afternoon I rode over to the Biblioteca and then to the Nautical Museum and did some research on the first European to discover the Hawaiian Islands, a hobby of mine for some time.  I was able to confirm that it was not Capt. James Cook in 1778, as we all have been taught, but (as I suspected) a Spaniard, Capt. Juan Gaetano, who first visited the Hawaiian Islands in 1555–more than two hundred years before Cook!

I forgot to mention in an earlier Postcard that while we were in Viareggio, Italy, we met up with our friends and former Traveler crew mates, Emma (of France) and Filippo (of Italy).  You may remember, we met them by chance while we were in Tanna, Vanuatu.  They were backpacking around the world via airlines (the smart way to circumnavigate), and decided to joined us for our passage to McKay, Australia. Through emails and then a few cell phone calls, we connected while we were out on Traveler for a day sail and they and two other couples were sailing on a chartered boat down the Italian Riviera on their way to Elba.  Together we motored back into Viareggio’s marina for dinner and drinks on Traveler.  I barbequed and Filippo made wonderful pasta.  We had lots of wine, caught up on cruising stories and had a great time together again.  Cheers!

Livin’ the Dream,

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