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November 30, 2009

Nov 30 Position Report and Poem

Traveler’s Nov 30 position report:

Our 1300 position, distance made good over the previous 24 hours, and nautical miles to go (MTG)
to Barbados are:

Nov. 30
20-23N, 036-33W
177 nm (Our best daily run so far and a 7.3 knot average)
1385 MTG = Half Way!

All’s well on Traveler.  How well is it, you ask?
There’s time to write poetry, if you write fast.
The ARC with their fenders on Day One, what a show.
Now it’s Day Nine, with another nine to go.

Here we are in the middle of the Ocean Atlantic,
With such wind and waves, others would be frantic.
But life aboard Traveler is routine for the crew.
Fair winds, following seas and an incredible view.

From the Canaries to Barbados in the Caribbean,
It’s a long rolly sail on a down wind run.
We’re all longing for some rum in the sun,
Mount Gay Factory Tour, look out, here we come!

We celebrated Thanksgiving with hot roasted turkey,
cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and gravy.
With champagne we toasted and gave thanks a lot
to the captain for getting a good autopilot.

Yansen caught a mahi and likes his wasabi and soy,
Larry crosses off a Bucket List item, what joy!
Brian wants to meet a young girl in the Caribbean,
And Michael looks forward to Barbara flying in.

The weather is fine, you might even say hot,
Eating well and getting good sleep–not!
O’er thirteen hundred miles behind us we’ve logged,
Same number ahead means the Half Way Party and grog!

Living the Dream,
Crossing the Atlantic,
with Brian, Yansen and Larry

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