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December 1, 2009

Dec 1 Position Report and Another Poem

Traveler’s Dec. 1 Position Report:

Our 1300 position, distance made good over the previous 24 hours, and nautical miles to go (MTG)
to Barbados are:

Dec. 1
19-31N, 039-37W
181 nm (Our best daily run so far this entire voyage and a 7.54 knot average)
1207 MTG

We are sailing deep with a full main and a reefed, poled out jib wing and wing.  Our top speed, surfing a wave, was 11 knots.

We had a great Half Way Party last night.  I cooked chicken cordon bleu with salad and boiled small potatoes, and we enjoyed crushed pineapple with rum for dessert.  With champagne we toasted making it half way across the Atlantic.

I hoped you enjoyed the poem.  Here’s another, by Brian:

Roses are red, violets are blue,
And all is well for the Traveler crew.
Eighteen days of nothin’ but water,
Like The Who said, “We need somebody’s daughter.”
Sailin’ ’round the world, doin’ what we choose,
Writing a blog, spreading the news.
Some things we love, and some we despise,
For better or worse, they change our lives.
Tryin’ our best to always stay safe,
And to keep the food flying off from our plates.
It’s been a long, amazing journey full of ups and downs,
Getting closer and closer to Traveler’s home town.
Picked up Yansen along the way,
Lucky we did, he saves the day.
There’s only one life, so we make it last,
Knowing “Man makes plans and God just laughs.”

Living the Dream,
Crossing the Atlantic,
with Brian, Yansen and Larry

P.S. I’m over my weekly limit for time allowed to use the SSB for Sailmail, so please no more emails to us for a few days, unless they are short and important.  Thanks.

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