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December 7, 2009

Position Report, Dec 7

Traveler’s Dec. 7 Position Report:

Our 1300 utc position, distance made good over the previous 24 hours, and nautical miles to go (MTG) to Barbados are:

Dec. 7 - Day 16
14-31N, 055-58W
181.5 nm — a new boat record run!
226 MTG
Our ETA has moved up and is now Tuesday afternoon.

All’s well onboard Traveler.

Fish report: We are going too fast to troll the lure.  We have not caught a fish since the mahi we caught on Day Five, when our average speed was 6.25 knots.  This wind we have been enjoying for the past several days may be bad for fishing, but it’s great for sailing.  Traveler loves this kind of wind: 17 to 20 knots apparent wind speed behind us on a wind angle of 130, with following seas.  Our average speed for the past 24 hours has been 7.5 knots, and that is VMG.  We have a full main and a poled out, reefed jib, running wing and wing.

We’re starting to smell the coconuts and rum drinks.  By this time tomorrow we may be able to see the island!

Living the Dream,
with Brian, Yansen and Larry

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