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February 8, 2010

Traveler Postcard–Night Passage

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February 8, 2010
Caribbean Sea

It is 0400, I just finished a hot cup of coffee, and I’m on watch by myself.  Yansen, Brian and Kellie are off watch and sleeping.  We are on an 80-mile overnight passage between tiny Saba in the NE Caribbean and the British Virgin Islands, with 21nm to go. Everything is working well–it is a rarity when there is nothing that needs fixing or replacing (knock on wood.)  Brian, Yansen and I cleaned the bottom and varnished the grab rails a couple of days ago, and Traveler is in great shape.

The sailing conditions are nearly perfect.  The wind is at 15 knots on the port beam, a rare southerly.  I’m sailing with a full main and a slight reef in the jib on a beam reach doing 7.5 knots.  The seas are comfortable, too, at one to two feet and following.

The moon just rose out of the east, right on my stern.  It is a very thin sliver of a moon, but my eyes are so adjusted to the darkness that it seems bright, and it is lighting up my wake like a silver highway.  The gentle motion of Traveler through the water is just enough to light up the ocean with phosphorescence.  And every so often I see a meteor falling.  It is a beautiful night at sea.

The lights of the Virgin Islands loom ahead in the distance, and I can make out a light house now.  There is a mega-yacht slowing overtaking me about a quarter mile off my port side, and I can see the lights of a cruise ship about two miles off my port bow.

Yesterday was a great day for us.  Kellie, Brian and I went for a tank dive with a guide on Saba, one of the top ten dive spots on the planet.  We saw fabulous corals and tons of gorgeous fish, including a rare sea horse.  This is the first time in seven years that I have been diving with both Kellie and Brian (Scott was also with us then in Hawaii following the ‘03 Transpac.) After our dive, with Yansen, we all went for a taxi-ride tour of the island, up “The road they said couldn’t be built” because of the steep cliffs and rugged terrain.  It took twenty years to complete “The Road”–very interesting.

Today looks like it will be another great day.  We plan on spending the morning on a mooring at The Baths, exploring around the amazing boulders and snorkeling after breakfast.  Then we will check in at Virgin Gorda Harbor, walk around the town and re-provision.

It is great cruising with my kids, at least two of them.  I’m missing Barbara, but she will be re-joining me the first week of April during her spring break for the San Blas Islands and to transit the Panama Canal.

All’s well on Traveler.  Life is good.

Living the Dream
with Kellie, Brian and Yansen

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